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President Barack Hussein Obama does not speak for me. I am an American citizen by birth. I did not choose to be born in the United States, but by the grace of God I was born here to parents who also were born here.

God granted me the privilege of being born in the greatest country on Earth. For that I am truly thankful and owe no apologies! When I turned 18 years old I had the honor of raising my right hand and swearing an oath that I would defend my country against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Many years later I still take that oath seriously, even though I no longer wear the uniform of my country.

It sickens me to watch my president travel to some of your countries and apologize for my great nation, particularly when some of you fully recognize that without the greatness of the United States, you would not be flying the sovereign flags of your current nations. I do not say this because I think we are better than you; I think the very fact that people from my country died in defense of yours underscores the American tenets of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and that you, like us, are free to pursue your dreams and ideals because ours is a nation that at times has used its military might to preserve such freedoms.

For the tens of thousands of soldiers buried in American cemeteries on foreign soil, and most of all, to their memories, I’d like to apologize for our current president, who uses your good memories and the selfless acts of bravery that you committed for his photo opportunities, as such was the case on the recent 65th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. To those soldiers still alive who were part of the greatest generation ever in the United States, I personally thank you for preserving freedom and liberty for my family and me. I apologize that your good deeds and memories have become nothing more than photo opportunities for a president who truly hates what you fought and bled for. You need not be ashamed of what you did; you helped liberate continents from dictatorial oppression and despotism and defended this great nation proudly from imperialist attackers.

To the memory of our Founding Fathers I’d like to apologize that the republic you wrought has succumbed to the point that the very liberties you sacrificed to the point of death to achieve are now seen as stumbling blocks and hindrances to the government we now have.

In spite of our imperfections and shortcomings, America remains the greatest country on the planet. The fact that people from all over the world sacrifice life and wealth to get here is a testimony to the American ideal and the exceptionalism for which we stand, one nation under God.

We certainly owe no apologies for that!