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While I’ve not really followed the whole Glenn Beck fiasco — apparently some advertisers have pulled their ads from his national talk radio program for something he apparently said — the idea that businesses in this age of economic recession are reducing ANY of their advertising is economic suicide!

During the Great Depression the two biggest cereal companies, Post and Kellogg’s, competed for market share. Post severely cut back its advertising while Kellogg’s pressed on. Years later when America’s economy picked up, Kellogg’s was positioned to succeed by beating out Post for market share. This market share superiority continues today.

In today’s marketplace, pulling advertising from national Conservative talk radio shows is especially detrimental because of the large listener base that Conservative talk radio provides.

People today are smart enough to know why certain companies are doing this. While this news might provide a bit of free advertising for some of these companies, consumers will ultimately vote with their wallets and find other companies to spend their money on.

If I were a company competing against those that have made it known that they’re pulling their advertising from some of these programs I’d be jumping for joy and would be lining up to fill the space they vacated. The chance to promote my goods and services on Conservative talk radio would be most welcome, particularly if my competition is electing to spend their money on less-effective media.