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KMJ Radio’s Ray Appleton almost had another stroke, this time on the air, as he expressed his outraged over a San Francisco Chronicle article that accuses Central Valley Republicans of trying to “steal” Democrat voters by targeting Latinos in their efforts to get more water for agriculture.

While this might be a legitimate strategy of some political pundits, linking this issue to the fight over farm water here in the Valley is, as Mr. Appleton put it: “Fightin’ Words!”

The issue to restore water flows to Central Valley farms has been, in the classic sense of the term, a true bipartisan effort here in the Valley. It hasn’t mattered what political viewpoints people bring to the debate, the end has and remains water, and more of it for Central Valley agriculture. While Appleton (a Republican) and Rep. Devin Nunes (also a Republican) have taken up the cause to turn on the spigots to Valley farms, others such as Comedian Paul Rodriguez, a Democrat and Central Valley farmer, along with a host of other Democrat Latinos — many of them farmworkers — have literally stood beside and marched along with Republicans with one goal in mind: to restore water flows to Valley farms. The tough thing is that while politics has not been the object of this effort, the sad fact is that this issue must be played out in the political arena if water is going to flow once again to Central Valley farms.

One glaring irony in this issue has been the behind-the-scenes efforts of Democrat politicians, including Rep. Jim Costa, D-CA, to derail efforts for more water. Still that hasn’t deterred folks like the Latino Water Coalition and Appleton from pushing ahead.

While Appleton’s outrage is completely understandable and shared by many, the article by Chronicle Staff Writer Joe Garafoli does point out a very obvious fact: Democrat leaders could care less about the Latino population here in the Valley; Latinos, to the Democrats, are mere pawns in their effort to gain dictatorial control of California and the United States.

This seems more apparent to a growing number of Americans of all shades that the Democrats aren’t really out to help the little man as much as they’re out for their own power and their own gain at the expense of those they claim to support.

If Garofoli’s opinion comes true, then it’ll be the fault of local Democrats, including those claiming kinship with groups like the Latinos and Portuguese here in the Valley, who will wind up driving voters away from their cause and towards the Republicans.