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Hannity interview 2 - Version 2Follow the bouncing ball on this one folks…

Today’s 50-plus mph winds along the I-5 corridor in California’s San Joaquin Valley kicked up enough dust to stop traffic, cause illnesses, snarl traffic, cause vehicle accidents and generally wreak havoc on the region. While the act of nature was not a direct result of politicians in Sacramento and Washington, the size of the dust storm certainly was.

You see, this land has been sitting fallow now for an entire growing season, and should still have crops planted on it. Why, you ask, was thousands of acres of the richest farmland on the planet left fallow for an entire growing season? It’s simple: farmers had their water allotments stripped from them last year by a government beholden to environmental activists who believe it’s more important to protect a prolific species of fish than it is continue to grow the food that feeds this nation and provides jobs for thousands of people in the Golden State.

So to put it bluntly, Rep. George Miller, D-CA, Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, and others including Rep. Jim Costa, D-CA, are directly to blame for millions of tons of top soil that became airborne in places like Mendota and Firebaugh and brought traffic to a stand-still on a major interstate.

So the next time you feel like voting Democrat, look around you at those who suffered asthma attacks and had to be hauled away in ambulances because of the public health hazard created by blowing dust that could have been contained had Democrats allowed farmers to irrigate the crops that feed the world.