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The attached link is from a blog that appears on the Cato Institute’s site titled: A Free Press Only Counts if It’s on Dead Trees. It asks a very poignant question about the freedom of this great nation. I’ll put it in my own words: How can the government guarantee a free press?

Give up? It’s really a trick question. Government doesn’t guarantee anything, and certainly not a free press. The great danger I see in the idea covered here is that it puts government more in charge of the Fourth Estate than it does to guarantee the health of America’s watchdog, which over the past several decades has aged into a lap dog that should have been euthanized long ago.

As a proponent of a free press, and one who made a living in it for more than 13 years, it’s been difficult for me to watch this watchdog-to-lapdog progression. I’ve written here some of my thoughts on how American newspapers could stop bleeding red ink. In fact, Jason Kuznicki, the author of this blog, says pretty much the same thing at the end of his piece. I encourage you to read it.