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Recently on the Tonight Show Al Gore told Conan and his audience that the temperature two kilometers (approximately 1.2 miles) below the surface of the earth is several million degrees. Of course we all know that Algore is trying to sell some snake oil potion (carbon credits) and the idea that man is causing the planet to heat up at such a rapid rate that we’ll all be dead in 10 years.

All this should be laughable at the very best since these clowns have been saying stuff like this with a straight face for decades now, and every 10 years after one of their doom-and-gloom predictions the Earth keeps spinning on its axis and it keeps revolving around the sun. The seasons change with regularity and the animals that were once predicted to be on the brink of extinction continue to exist without the help of mankind.

Let’s see here… a quick search on the Internet (Algore claims to have invented this as well) reveals that we can’t truly know what the temperature at the center of the Earth is, although we do have miners a couple kilometers down and they seem to be doing just fine in the cool conditions underground. But, if scientists were to venture a guess, the Web site Physlink.com reports that the center of the earth is approximately 4,000 degrees Celsius, or about 7,200 degrees Fahrenheit, give or take a couple degrees. For reference, we’ve estimated that the surface of the sun is approximately 11,000 degrees Fahrenheit, with an inner core temperature of our sun at about 15 million degrees Celsius, again, give or take a few hundred degrees.

This little bit of inconvenient truth apparently escaped Algore’s recent movie and his speeches that no sane person would pay to see, much less volunteer to attend even if paid.

So, if Algore is lying, and he’s using the so-called scientific data to support his claims, then shouldn’t it follow suit that the so-called scientific data that he claims is also invalid? Never mind the terabytes of e-mails and information recently released earlier this month that suggests the entire global-warming-is-man-caused community has pretty much ginned up everything in order to sell their scientific theories.

Which brings up another question: what do these so-called scientists and the political movement they support have to gain from these lies? I’d love an honest answer to that one.

Meanwhile, tonight’s temperatures in western Nevada and other parts of the Great Basin will fall to between 20 below and 40 below zero while blizzards continue to plague parts of the United States.