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All the discussions over free healthcare for all has neglected to remind voters that we already have free public education for all.

Education in America has become a “right,” and as such children are compelled (ironic, isn’t it?) to attend school on the taxpayer’s dime, although public education is not directly mentioned or addressed in the US Constitution. We spend billions of dollars a year to educate children so that they can grow up to become taxpayers (at least that’s been the goal — Obama has different plans) and contribute to the system that educated them. This education is sold as the pathway to helping people get jobs and become self-sufficient, in other words, not reliant upon government for assistance.

Education is billed as the pathway to a better way of life, including money, luxury, health care, etc. So why is it that government is trying to force taxpayers to foot the healthcare bill for everyone when public education is supposed to be the pathway to success and the ability to afford your own healthcare?