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Be afraid… be VERY afraid!

This morning’s health care signing party was bad enough except I had to listen to a rabid liberal in town praise the benefits of this plan (all of which are as real as the tooth fairy); not only that, but he went on to recite over and over how this was an historic event in America as if we’d just defeated a foreign country in war and forced the unconditional surrender signing ceremony be held in the Oval Office. The only thing defeated today was the American economy by the tyrant-in-chief!

The truth continues to come out, but sadly it’s too late. Health care premiums next year are expected to rise some 3,000%, which will force Obama and his Liberal goon squad to ramp up the public option. Meanwhile, doctors across America are preparing to leave the practice as the White House expects to add some 32 million people to the health insurance rolls. Where are they going to get their health care? Where are WE going to go for our health care? Will there even be health care in America in two years?