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Federal officials recently took down a Michigan-based militia group that the media are calling a “Christian Militia,” arresting “a handful of the group’s members” because authorities believed they were planning an attack on law enforcement.

According to an Associated Press article, nine people were arrested and charged with “seditious conspiracy — plotting to levy war against the U.S. — possessing a firearm during a crime of violence, teaching the use of explosives and attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction — homemade bombs.” So dangerous was this group, reports the AP, that law enforcement officials were compelled to arrest them in a televised show-of-force before they could commit acts of violence.

About a year ago Sean Hannity interviewed Martin Mawyer, founder of the Christian Action Network (CAN), regarding that organization’s investigations of Muslim terrorist training camps in the United States that are training Islamic extremists how to kidnap and kill Americans. The interview appeared on Hannity’s America and can be viewed on YouTube.

Apparently, CAN has a DVD of the terrorist training at a site near Hancock, NY and is warning U.S. officials that the 35 known terrorist training camps in the United States are a veritable breeding ground for a home grown attack of monumental proportions here in America.

A quick search of the Internet shows that the terrorist organization training Muslim extremists is called “Muslims of the Americas,” (MOA) and is based in Hancock, NY. Mawyer’s Web site reports that the group uses paramilitary tactics, much like reasons federal agents cited when deciding to arrest members of the Christian Warriors militia group last week. The purpose of this article is not to defend the Christian militia group or its members, but to illustrate an incredible irony in how our government chooses to prosecute domestic and international terrorism. Worse yet is the apparent admission by federal officials to the Christian Action Network that they are prohibited from going after MOA because it is protected by the US Constitution and state constitutions where the group has its various training camps, meanwhile, nine Americans sit in jail because the federal government has alleged that they were plotting war against the United States, while others with ties to radical Islam are apparently planning the very same thing from compounds all over America.

MOA even has a facebook page that purports to offer “extensive courses in Holy Quran,” but according to the Anti-Defamation League, an organization founded in 1931 to fight “anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry in the U.S. and abroad through information, education, legislation and advocacy,” MOA “is a virulently anti-Semitic, Islamic extremist group with ties to Al-Fuqra, a terrorist organization that has carried out fire bombings and murders in the United States.”

It’s unconscionable that the federal government has no problems taking down a Christian militia, but can’t take down an Islamic terrorist organization here in America because the Muslims are constitutionally protected. Apparently the Christian militia group doesn’t enjoy the same constitutional protection that the Muslim group does. It seems to me that the charges of seditions conspiracy (plotting to levy war against the United States) teaching the use of explosives and attempting to use weapons of mass destruction are all charges that could likewise be levied against MOA if video footage of MOA activities obtained by the Christian Action Network, and other reports by CAN are true.