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A sheriff’s deputy from Pinal County Arizona was shot by drug smugglers on Friday in an act that ought to be considered a declaration of war by Mexico. The incident happened along I-8, west of Casa Grande, Arizona after the deputy reportedly discovered bales of marijuana. The smugglers opened fire with rifles, wounding the deputy.

When forces from one country start shooting at uniformed forces from another country is that simply a crime or an act of war? Certainly a uniformed deputy sheriff, operating under the color and authority of the laws affecting his jurisdiction, is an agent of the United States, if not the state in which he is employed, and as such those foreign forces firing upon him, whether wearing a uniform or not, should be considered as as act of war against the United States and treated as such.

Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution gives Congress the authority to declare war against nations. Regardless of whether those who shot the sheriff’s deputy are uniformed or not, the United States is under attack by foreign forces of Mexico. These criminals may not be directly employed by the armed forces of Mexico, but it can be argued that the government of Mexico is complicit in these attacks merely by refusing to do everything in its power to stop them. Here in the United States if someone is caught with stolen property or with someone in the commission of a crime, they can be charged as accomplices to that crime. There are parallels here that cannot be ignored.

Is there little doubt as to why the State of Arizona recently enacted a state law giving law enforcement the authority to check the immigration status of individuals stopped for other law enforcement actions? Or is there any doubt that the citizens of Arizona, now allowed to carry concealed weapons without having to apply for a permit, were given that authority by the State of Arizona because of a very real threat against its citizens?

While it’s doubtful that Congress will declare war against Mexico, it’s self-evident that America is under armed attack by foreign forces from Mexico, and that American citizens are in danger as a result of this attack.


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