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For more than two centuries the United States has been a beacon of hope to the rest of the world, providing a place to come and make a better living for one self, helping some seek solace and security from rogue regimes.

Over this period of time we’ve liberated nations from the iron fist of despotism, stopped a holocaust, provided food, medical support and other aid to nations suffering from famine and natural disasters, and today continue to help sovereign nations by providing cash and military protection.

It would appear that our ability to provide this sort of humanitarian aid will run out, not because we don’t want to anymore, but because we can’t. The money is running out.

Current fiscal policies in America, including the forthcoming program called Quantitative Easing Two (QE1 already failed) are devaluing the US Dollar to the point that other nations are seriously concerned that our financial mess here will affect the rest of the world in ways we can’t even imagine.

Where will these nations turn when their next natural disaster happens and the United States doesn’t have the money or the ability to even feed its own people? We’re not that far from discovering the answer to this question folks. Current policies to simply print more money in order to pay down our debt has nations like Germany and China — China currently owns much of our debt — seriously concerned, and rightfully so.

America has always prided itself on being able to feed itself and much of the world with our agricultural output. Furthermore, our industrial might has not only helped fuel our economy, but has provided the ability for our military to fight world wars and liberate entire continents from tyranny.

Experts say the rise in commodity prices, such as in gold and oil, are such that the economy can’t sustain it. We’re more than halfway back to oil prices at such where gasoline will once-again be over $4 a gallon — the apparent tipping point that we discovered last year has the ability to completely shut down the US economy.

While there are some who bemoan the fact that the United States was once a mighty super power — including our own President — the fact remains that the United States is solely responsible for, and to be credited with, expanding the world economy through the export of all sorts of goods and services (not to mention help develop the ability to efficiently transport these goods and services), and with rescuing nations from the military might of dictators and despots.

While major industrial nations around the globe are beginning to seriously worry that America’s decline will lead to their own demise, it’s disappointing to say the least that many of our elected leaders don’t see what folks like the Germans and Chinese see, and once we fail, it won’t simply be those two nations left holding the bag.