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September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City: V...

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Here in America it’s no longer considered an act of war when armed insurgents from foreign nations use automatic weapons against agents of our country who’s job is to defend our international borders against such attack.

Could someone please explain when this shift occurred, so we can go back and try to right this egregious wrong.

Imagine if you will, it’s late in the day on Dec. 7th, 1941, and the President of the United States comes on the radio and reports that foreign invaders have attacked our military fleet docked at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, then goes on to state that on Monday all school children in America will begin mandatory classes to learn how to speak Japanese.

What’s the difference in Obama’s policies now that call for our border patrol agents to throw bean bags at the armed insurgents attacking our country?

The other morning on the local talk radio station the morning hosts were bantering about national security issues. One of them had a really good thought. He wondered how history would be different if late in the day on Sept. 11, 2001, President Bush would have come on the television and stated something such as: “I just received confirmation that within the past 30 minutes bombers from the United States carrying nuclear weapons dropped their payloads on Tehran, Cairo and Baghdad. We regret the loss of life in those cities.

“The world has 24 hours to give us Osama Bin Laden. God bless America.”

Bin Laden’s body would have been on the door step of the White House by the next morning!

I once wrote my Congressman, asking him why we continue to allow armed insurgents to attack US citizens from across our southern border with Mexico and say nothing about the death threats issued against sworn officers such as sheriff’s Joe Arpaio and Paul Babeau from Arizona. All I received was a non-committal response that suggests he shares my concerns.

Somehow we’ve misplaced our priorities. It’s no longer acceptable to defend America by whatever means necessary. We know it works. We did it in the summer of 1945 when we destroyed two large Japanese cities and then several days later accepted the unconditional surrender of an entire nation on the deck of one of our warships.

Maybe that’s what’s needed today. While we’re certainly not the only nuclear power in the world anymore, we could certainly send a strong message to the rest of the world if instead of arguing over whether to grant amnesty to millions of foreign felons in this country and offer in-state tuition rates to these felons if they chose to attend our universities, the President of the United States simply went on the television and announced: “I just received confirmation that within the past 30 minutes a US bomber dropped its nuclear payload on Mexico City. We regret the loss of life.

“Mexico has 24 hours to surrender its military forces now engaged in combat against the United States. May God bless America.”

Yeah, maybe that’s a little extreme. Maybe we’ll just hope for the best and let President Obama and Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano handle the situation along our southern border. They seem to be doing such a fine job at it.