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Regardless of your position on same-sex marriage, Obama’s decision earlier this week on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is yet another middle finger gesture by the President of the United States at the US Constitution, and a clear and present danger to the very fabric of the United States.

The irony in his decision is thicker and juicier than the meat on the ribs Michelle ate recently while vacationing in Aspen, although you wouldn’t know it from the headline on the story, which chose instead to highlight the vegetables she also apparently ate; but I digress.

The US Constitution explicitly outlines the duties and responsibilities of Congress (Article 1); the President (Article 2); and the Judiciary (Article 3). Nevertheless, Obama apparently chooses not to recognize these clear delineations in legal authority by declaring a duly signed law unconstitutional. Obama clearly and unconstitutionally inserts himself in Article 3 by assuming the powers authorized only by the judiciary. At least his Liberal friend in the Senate, Dianne Feinstein, is attempting a constitutional remedy to the Defense of Marriage Act by introducing legislation to repeal the Clinton-era law.

Meanwhile, the autocrat in chief has boldly declared DOMA unconstitutional, citing “the equal protection component of the Fifth Amendment.”

I thought Obama saw the Constitution as a “charter of negative liberties” and therefore he didn’t believe in it at all? He certainly doesn’t think very highly of the constitutional citations given by Judge Roger Vinson in his ruling that declares ObamaCare unconstitutional.