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President-elect Obama with former Presidents B...

Little did Jimmy Carter know then, but just a few months later he would no longer be known as America's worst President ever. Image via Wikipedia

Repeat after me: It’s no big deal!

The world’s single-most important currency — the one the world trades in by default — continues to be devalued as the owner of that currency, the United States, has for the first time in history lost its sterling credit rating. And now the communist Chinese are complaining, and rightfully so: their return on investment is failing.

But hey, it’s no big deal!

The fact that the stock market fell 699 points last week, the largest weekly drop since the market lost more than 800 points in the first week of October 2008, can simply be chocked up to a bunch of nervous investors who will likely continue this knee-jerk reaction on Monday.

But it’s no big deal!

Why is October 2008 and the 15.24% drop in the US stock market that month an important benchmark?

Could it be that in the weeks leading up to the presidential election in November, 2008, when it became painfully clear that Barack the Magic Negro was poised to become the next President of the United States, financial markets were already starting to worry about what someone with such a distaste for America could do as its leader? After all, we already knew that the media weren’t going to do their job and actually try to discover what this blank-slate of a human being was all about, even though the smattering of comments we had from him over the previous years caused those of us willing to do our own research to increase our intake of antacids. Veteran newscasters Charlie Rose and Tom Brokaw had already suggested that they weren’t willing to look into Obama’s record, even after admitting on television that they knew nothing of the man-child who rose to rock star status simply on the color of his skin and the crease in his pants.

Knee Jerk Reaction?

Knee-jerk #1: At the beginning of October 2008 the US stock market closed at 10,831. On the 6th it closed at 9,955 and by Nov. 20th was down to 7,552. It would finally bottom out in March of the following year at 6,626. How could all this be George W. Bush’s fault when everyone admits that markets are based on predictions of the future more than they are on current events.

And now, three years later we’re still in an economic depression; unemployment is even worse and all Barack the Magic Negro can do is continue to blame Bush and beg for an increase in the limit to the national credit card. In fact, he’s rung up so much debt that it’s now being reported that America’s borrowing has now matched its GDP.

It’s No Big Deal!

That’s the only logical impression sane Americans are left to assume of their government and their willing accomplices in the media after reading stories like this. How else can you explain the last three years? How else do you explain the fact that in all of what’s happened since it became apparent that Obama would win election that the media have utterly failed at connecting the dots between the economic abyss we’re in and Barack Hussein Obama?

While Obama has managed to amass more debt in three years than all the presidents combined going back to George Washington, America’s political leaders continue to argue like third graders in a game of kick ball where the rules are being made up on the fly.

Meanwhile, as Obama’s wife spends billions of taxpayer dollars globe trotting for another pair of shoes or a bad dress, real Americans are still out of work and are suffering through a malaise that makes Jimmy Carter’s term as America’s worst president — until now — pale in comparison.

But it’s no big deal.

A Bright Spot on the Horizon?

On a side note, there’s actually some good news out of California, where liberal social and fiscal policies have had a decades-long jump start on President Obama and his Marxist policies.

California’s exodus of taxpayers has now extended to illegal immigrants. That’s right, as the state’s unemployment continues in double-digit territory, illegal immigrants from south of the border are going… wait for it… Home to jobs and home to an unemployment rate that is less than 5%. According to another story in the Sacramento Bee this flight includes California’s next (legal) generation, probably the last people a state that actually seeks recovery would want. Then again nobody ever accused California leaders of sanity or common sense.

Not everyone is likely going to jump for joy over this news, though California Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown could technically claim that his policies, coupled with those of President Obama, are directly responsible for a considerable reduction in illegal immigration to the Tarnished State.

Think about it, with illegal aliens fleeing California who’s going to vote for the Democrats who caused California’s problems in the first place? Those are Democrat voters leaving California for jobs in a foreign country. Even so, if California’s woes are ever going to be corrected it’s going to take decades to tear down the wall that the Democrats built to keep in the bad fiscal and social policies and any semblance of fiscal and social sanity out.

I wonder what Mexico would do if we started flooding their sovereign border and protested in Mexico City for high-paying union jobs, free health care, drivers licenses so we can vote and free housing?