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What happens when houses replace our farmland? © Todd Fitchette

I am not a farmer.

I don’t pick it, pack it, plant it or pluck it.

I don’t grow it, graze it or raise it.

I don’t get up at 2 a.m. to feed it, milk it or turn on the water.

I don’t need a row to hoe or trees to top. I buy my water by the bottle, not by the acre foot.

My home office does not include a filing cabinet with documents, forms and letters to and from the USDA, EPA, regional water board, regional air board and the county ag commissioner. I don’t need to file pesticide reports, water usage reports or annual acreage reports. I don’t know any milk inspectors, OSHA inspectors or anyone from the state labor relations board.

I am an American consumer… I rely on the American farmer to do all these things and more so I can simply buy it, cook it and eat it.