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American Farm Bureau Federation

In her article Join the Conversation About the Food You Produce, Chris Chinn suggests something I hadn’t considered before.

Maybe it is time that we focus not so much on the fact that America’s food supply is safer and more abundant than any other nation’s agricultural output, and look to what resonates with the public. Right or wrong, the media and certain advocacy groups are targeting how our food supply is produced and asking the question “is your food safe?”

“People are more concerned about the methods we are using to produce food and the impact it might have to consumer health.” ~ Chris Chinn

As irritating as those questions can become to some of us, it’s kind of like the newspaper editor who acts as if he knows what the reader wants and needs, and tells a subscriber on the phone as much, rather than serving the reader by providing what he or she wants to read. Maybe that’s why the newspaper industry is in such decline, but I digress.

If nothing else, it’s time for agriculture to take the lead in terms of its message, rather than being the defensive coach, waiting to see what the offense throws at him before deciding his game plan.