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The fact that this has gone viral since it was released, and that those who’ve commented on it all believe this is nothing less than martial law under a more politically-correct name, is in itself significant reason to appropriately react. Could this be the beginning of martial law in America? Unless the President is clairvoyant and he’s doing this in reaction to some future event that only he sees in his mind’s eye — an event some argue he’s hoping to instigate — the Constitutional crisis this raises is frightening.

All joking aside about needing an attorney to translate this, there are some sections in here that anyone with a modicum of common sense and understanding of our Constitution knows is wrong (to put it mildly!). Bear with me…

It’s utterly astounding that this President wants us to believe that he is concerned about the national defense of the United States of America as founded! If we are to believe Sec. 102, then we must definitely suspend disbelief as his most recent budget proposals call for a massive reduction in Pentagon and Defense Department funding in future years. You don’t cut national defense with one hand and with the stroke of a pen in the other write something like this!

Section 103 likewise causes one to suspend disbelief when it says under subsection (c) “be prepared, in the event of a potential threat to the security of the United States, to take actions necessary to ensure the availability of adequate resources and production capability, including services and critical technology, for national defense requirements;”

Since when has this President EVER showed or demonstrated a sincere concern for ANY of this? Does the Keystone Pipeline ring a bell with anyone? We could be well on our way to a more secure energy policy with oil from a friendly neighbor such as Canada.

Some of the best stuff follows in Sec. 104 with the naming of the Secretary of Homeland Security as the overseer of portions of this order. Excuse me, but where in the Constitution does the Department of Homeland Security have a role in national defense? Where is DHS even listed in the Constitution? Show me! Isn’t it the purview of Congress and the Department of Defense to implement security measures for the United States? Yes, the President is also the Commander in Chief, but he doesn’t operate as such in a vacuum. That’s why there is such a thing as the separations of powers, which the Constitution carefully delineates. I guess this will all make better sense and be much easier for Obama once martial law is implemented and the Constitution is suspended.

Section 104 (c) (1) tells us there is an “assistant to the President.” Who is this person and what Congressional oversight is there for this person? The section goes on to list several other presidential assistants? Who are they, what are they paid and what legislative branch oversight is there of these people and their positions?

Part II — Priorities and Allocations of this executive order ought to bring shivers up the spines of all Americans, if not a tingling sensation up one’s leg (Chris Matthews notwithstanding)! Since when does the Secretary of Defense need to concern himself with the allocation of water resources? And now we’re going to give the Agriculture Secretary the authority to oversee “the domestic distribution of farm equipment and commercial fertilizer.” The notion that the Agriculture Secretary can, by fiat, distribute farm equipment for any purpose violates the Fifth Amendment clause that reads “nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” And what’s this reference to “all forms of civil transportation” under the Transportation Secretary’s purview supposed to mean? Does that mean the government can take my automobile for no other reason than it wants it?

Section 203 is likewise laughable given President Obama’s distaste for oil and his decision to keep America dependent upon hostile foreign nations for our supply of oil, rather than allow America to become solely independent and sovereign in the procurement and production of its own oil and natural gas needs.

Rush Limbaugh reported within the past week that, according to multiple private and government resources, the United States is sitting on (conservatively speaking) enough oil and natural gas to make us completely independent for the next several hundred years! Ironic since the President’s own actions since taking office have been to make us more dependent upon foreign sources of energy.

Limbaugh quotes US Sen. Dick Lugar‘s recent opinion article in Politico on the matter of high oil prices. In his recently published opinion piece, Sen. Lugar said “Every 10% increase in oil prices is expected to knock 0.25% off economic growth…”

“That, if true, is an amazing fact, especially when you bear in mind that we’ve had gasoline prices go up more than 100% under Obama. That works out to a reduction of GDP by 2.5%, and our GDP is not even growing at 2%. Our GDP, our economy is growing at under 2%, and the federal government’s share of the total economic output of this (which does not include economic output; they don’t produce anything) is 23%, on its way eventually to 25%.  It is at a historical high.  That’s how much of the private sector that Obama and the Democrats have simply transferred and shut down and moved to the government sector. ” ~ Rush Limbaugh

You can read the executive order for yourself, but suffice to say, this is NOT something any self-respecting American President, under the authority granted him by the US Constitution, would ever suggest. Then again, we’ve never had such a president until now.