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The Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb contains so much Mercury that it must be disposed of as a hazardous material. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I currently have a vested interest in issues such as this. You see, the company that employes me pays me to drive their trucks loaded with the very stuff President Obama wants to ban. Of course the reason they pay me isn’t simply because they like me, but because I provide for them a service from which they profit. It’s the American way… or so it seems it was.

The grand irony of wanting to ban coal under the false premise that it harms the environment is, sadly, almost a footnote in the third paragraph of a Washington Times story. Why, if coal is so prevalent in the United States, and it’s responsible for powering much of our country, would we want to get rid of it?

Oh, that’s right: President Obama HATES America!

Which in and of itself seems ironic. How many other nations of immigrants would afford such an opportunity to a man borne, according to published reports, out of wedlock?

Even further into the story is the latest argument the Obama EPA wants to use in arguing against the safety of coal-fired power plants — you know, the facilities that make the electricity that power the electric buggies Obama wants us all to drive?

It seems that mercury emissions from these coal-fired power plants is also dangerous to life here on Earth. Why then the big push for everyone to buy those over-priced, curly-shaped light bulbs that contain large amounts of — you guessed it, mercury?

In fact, these bulbs contain so much mercury that you’re not allowed by law to simply toss them in the trash when they burn out. You have to dispose of them as you would any other dangerous hazardous material.

I’m all for progress and innovation. If there’s something out there that makes my life better and costs less money to improve my life, then I’m all for it. But that’s not the direction Obama is taking this country.